Andrew founded Vartega in 2014 to develop superior carbon fiber recycling processes and thereby drive sustainable and widespread carbon fiber adoption. Prior to Vartega, he served as Vice President, Engineering at CO2Nexus, a clean technology start-up in Colorado. During his tenure, Andrew advanced technology for textile processing in commercial, industrial, and clean room applications. His areas of focus included solvent filtration and purification processes, research and development, equipment design, automation, heat transfer, and thermodynamics. Andrew also has experience in oil and gas processing, HVAC systems, and human powered transportation technology. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Andrew Maxey

Josh Gary is based in Washington, close to aerospace waste generators. Josh spent the last eight years of his career in the commercial construction industry as a project manager for a mechanical equipment representative firm: Air Reps LLC. During his tenure he developed relationships with high profile clients such as Boeing, Amazon, and Microsoft. He had project involvement from cradle to grave, aiding in equipment design, selection, and procurement. Additional duties included managing project financials. While at Air Reps he was responsible for managing over $10 million worth of revenue per year with a compound annual growth rate of 36%.

Josh Gary
Chief Commercial Officer

A native of New Zealand, Alice has a bachelor of Chemical and Materials Engineering from the University of Auckland and brings over a decade of engineering and project management experience from manufacturing and biotechnology. Prior to Vartega, Alice was central to the growth of LanzaTech Inc; a gas-fermentation bio-commodities company. Her primary roll was to manage and coordinate multi-stakeholder research projects for the demonstration of commercial fermentation platforms that consumed greenhouse gases. Alice also held a technical leadership position for the advancement of separation technologies for the recovery of targeted biochemicals. In addition to her bio-refinery career, Alice spent her early years as a technical specialist for a global appliance manufacturing company, where she supported the selection and processing of all critical materials used in their 5 global manufacturing sites. Alice supports Vartega's suite of technical and business projects and is in the final stages of completing her MBA at the University of Denver.

Alice Havill
Chief Operating Officer

Sean Kline has start-up experience and leads technical hardware development for Vartega. He brings with him nearly 10 years of experience in the oil and gas processing industry. Sean has designed and applied relevant hardware solutions for high pressure gas and liquid applications. He has previous start-up experience working for Sundrop Fuels and has successfully commissioned their development processing equipment under a demanding timeline.

Sean Kline
VP, Engineering

Jordan Harris is serving as a Senior Process Engineer for Vartega. Jordan has a B.S. in chemical engineering from Michigan State University. He previously served as an R&D engineer for InfiChem Polymers which chemically recycled polyurethanes for the automotive industry. His previous chemical recycling and process scale-up experience will add value to Vartega’s continued process development.

Jordan Harris
Sr. Process Engineer


Joe Murray
Chemical Engineer


Mike Shaffron
VP, Process

Bob has over 30 years of sales experience along with 16 years in fiberglass and global thermoplastics sales with Vetrotex and CPIC China products, in addition to executive business relationships with top thermoplastic customers like SABIC, DuPont, DSM, Invista, etc.

Bob Jones
VP, Sales


Kylie Van Aken
Mechanical Engineer


Annabel Marruffo
Mechanical Engineer

Ed Williams.png

Ed Williams
Acting CFO & VP, Strategy


Jeff Wheeler
Sr. Mechanical Engineer


Scott Pusey
General Counsel

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