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Vartega has developed a low-cost grade of carbon fiber through the use of its patent pending recycling process. This grade has mechanical properties similar to virgin material. Vartega's recycled fibers can be used in broad ranging applications including nonwoven fabrics, thermoplastic pellets, yarns, and 3D printing filaments.


Much of the feedstock for Vartega’s process will come from high grade pre-impregnated scrap material, such as that used in the aerospace industry where the scrap rate is typically 30%.  This expensive waste can be recycled and repurposed to minimize lost value and maximize the environmental benefit of carbon fiber. Scrap carbon fiber from aerospace structures can be readily repurposed for use in aircraft interiors, automotive applications, consumer products, and sporting goods.

By utilizing the Vartega process, thousands of tons of waste can be diverted from landfill each year. The economic impact of reduced waste disposal fees is significant, but the most substantial economic benefit of using low-cost recycled carbon fiber comes from reduced fuel consumption due to vehicle lightweighting.

Photo by brett despain/iStock / Getty Images