Vartega Highlighted In Composites World Article on Recycling

Composites World is a leading industry publication that reports on all things relevant and innovative in the composites industry. They have long standing interest in the recycling of composites that dates back over a decade.  In the August 2017 issue of their publication, Sara Black reports on the state of the composites recycling industry and the traction that is being made in efforts to commercialize recycling technologies. 

The article addresses all the major players in the recycling industry, including Vartega Inc, and the efforts that are being made to make widespread recycling of carbon fiber a reality. Sara states that if the automotive industry adopts carbon fiber use in large scale production that it would cause supply chain issues for virgin carbon fiber which can be mitigated through the use of recycled carbon fiber.  

There’s no silver bullet, because composites are complicated structures. But we’re on the road to understanding this and getting the industry talking logically. It’s an exciting time, because a recycling infrastructure is growing.
— Andrew Maxey - President, Vartega Inc.

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