Vartega selected for Start-up Award at SAMPE 2018 hosted by xC Consultants

SAMPE - Where Materials Meet the Marketplace

May 24, 2018 (Long Beach, CA) – After Augsburg and Singapore, xC Consultants GmbH continued its tradition of bringing together successful startups from all over the world in its start-up competition at SAMPE 2018. The competition focused on innovation, the value created by the use of composite materials in the innovation, the role of the partners in the development phase, the benefits for the end-users, and market potential of the innovation.


First Place Winner: 7000, -MITO Material Solutions, Stillwater USA, since 2015, CEO Haley Marie Keith
About: nano additives that is delivered via masterbatch carrier into the resin/epoxy that makes fiber reinforced composites 100% tougher and raises the thermal resistance of the resin/epoxy 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Second Place Winner: 2000, -Vartega Inc., Colorado USA, since 2014, CEO Andrew Maxey

About: Development of a novel, chemistry-based process that recycles thermoset epoxy pre-impregnated (prepreg) carbon fiber back into dry carbon fiber.

Third Place Winner: 1000, - Arevo Inc., Santa Clara USA, since 2014, Chairman of the Board Hemant Bheda
About: Development of a new Additive Manufacturing solution for marketing ultra strong and lightweight composite parts to replace metal parts for commercial applications.


3D Fortify, Boston USA, since 2016, Co-founder Karlo Delos Reyes
About: Advanced manufacturing startup that uses helius to disrupt additive manufacturing and usher in a new generation of custom, high performance products. 3D Fortify uses their patented process combining 3D printing and magnetics to create aligned reinforced carbon fiber composites.

MultiMechanics Inc., Omaha USA, since 2011, CEO Leandro Castro
About: Development of a state-of-the-art multiscale finite element software package that helps companies using advances materials greatly reduce physical prototyping and testing. The patent pending compression algorithm allows detailed FE models of materials to be linked to full part models.

N12 technologies, since 2012, director of corporate development Ben Bancroft
About: NanoStitch® introduces vertically aligned carbon nanotubes at interlaminar interfaces of prepreg to allow tougher, lighter and more durable composite structures.

VisCheck, Neubiberg, Germany, since 2015, co-founder Guido Bruch
About: software solutions based on artificial intelligence to analyse carbon defects pending compression algorithm allows detailed FE models of materials to be linked to full part models.

Seriforge Inc., San Francisco USA, since 2014, CEO Marco Zvanik
About: builds and sells machines for automating carbon fiber fabrication for mass production applications. It develops machinery that uses carbon fiber 3d weaving processes. 


Contact: Michelle Tubb, CAE
Director of Marketing, Membership, and Education
Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering