Vartega and Sojitz Aerospace to Debut at CAMX 2017


Vartega Inc (Golden, CO, USA) and Sojitz Aerospace Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) will be jointly exhibiting Vartega’s novel carbon fiber recycling technology and materials at CAMX 2017, in the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, December 12-14 (Booth # C28).

Vartega and Sojitz Aerospace formalized an exclusive collaboration agreement on November 1, 2017 to promote Vartega’s technology and products for use in Japanese aerospace markets. This collaboration allows the partners to pursue opportunities to commercialize composites recycling technology for Sojitz Aerospace’s customers and demonstrate applications for the use of recycled carbon fiber throughout Asia.

“Sojitz has been a trusted partner for Vartega as we’ve explored opportunities in aerospace and defense applications. We’ve been fortunate to develop a strong relationship with them over the past 2 years and we’re now looking forward to formally working together to deploy our technology in new geographies and markets.” -Andrew Maxey, CEO of Vartega Inc.

Vartega has developed composites recycling technology to create low-cost recycled carbon fiber that has the same mechanical properties as virgin carbon fiber. Vartega’s recycled carbon fiber is being used in thermoplastics for additive manufacturing and injection molding for sporting goods and automotive parts as well as thermosets for continuous fiber applications such as composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPV). A COPV made with Vartega’s recycled carbon fiber has been selected as an ACE Award Finalist and will be on display at CAMX. Winners of the 2017 ACE Awards will be revealed on December 12, 2017 at the CAMX Innovation Park Theater.

Sojitz Aerospace Corporation is the Sojitz Group’s specialized trading company for aerospace, defense, and security equipment. Sojitz Aerospace leverages a global network to introduce Japanese customers to cutting-edge technologies from around the world. They also provide the infrastructure to support these technologies and enable their growth in Japan and beyond.

“Vartega’s technology is very interesting to our customers in Japan. As we continually strive to address our clients’ needs, we’re excited to partner with Vartega to recycle carbon fiber waste being generated by the aerospace industry. We are looking forward to our mutual success at CAMX and further into the future.” -Mikio Takeuchi, President and CEO of Sojitz Aerospace

After 3 consecutive years of growth, CAMX 2017 – The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo – will connect and advance all aspects of the composites and advanced materials communities, as America’s go-to marketplace for products, solutions, networking and advanced industry thinking. To schedule a meeting with Vartega and Sojitz Aerospace at CAMX please contact

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