Sojitz Aerospace America Corporation supports Vartega's recycling efforts

(Los Angeles, CA) August, 31, 2016 – Sojitz Aerospace America Corporation (Sojitz) has provided a letter of support to Vartega Carbon Fiber Recycling LLC (Vartega) in regards to Vartega's efforts to use recycled carbon fiber in aircraft interiors.

At Sojitz we are diligently pursing technologies that can improve our customers’ products and we believe that recycled carbon fiber can play a key role in reducing the cost and weight of aircraft interiors. This in turn makes aircraft more fuel efficient and economical to operate throughout their lifetime... We are very interested in identifying partners that are willing to provide scrap material, co-locate recycling facilities, or use recycled material in aircraft interiors
— Hidetoshi Tsurumi, General Manager, Sojitz Aerospace America Corporation

Per the letter, Sojitz is reaching out to several of their clients about Vartega's ability to address their recycling needs and incorporate recycled carbon fiber into aircraft interiors.  Sojitz will continue to advocate for Vartega's recycling technology in Asia and abroad.

We are excited about the collaboration with Sojitz and their interest in incorporating our recycled fiber into aircraft interiors. Lightweighting is critical for increasing fuel efficiency in all vehicles, especially at large scale with aircraft. We feel that aircraft interiors are a logical point of entry for recycled carbon fiber in aerospace applications and are appreciative of Sojitz’s support of our mission
— Josh Gary, Vice President - Operations, Vartega Carbon Fiber Recycling

Sojitz's letter of support can be found here: SOJITZ LETTER OF SUPPORT

About Sojitz Aerospace America Corporation

Sojitz Aerospace America Corporation is the Sojitz Group’s global trading company specialized for Aerospace and owned by Sojitz Aerospace Corporation(Japan) and Sojitz Corporation of America(USA). For more information visit :

About Vartega Carbon Fiber Recycling

Vartega Carbon Fiber Recycling LLC is a recycler of advanced materials – specifically strong and lightweight carbon fiber – used in the aerospace, automotive, wind energy, and sporting goods industries. Founded in July 2014, Vartega has developed patent pending recycling technology to address the 15,000 metric tons of carbon fiber waste that is being landfilled and incinerated every year. Vartega’s technology uses a low energy chemistry-based process to free carbon fiber filaments for use in carbon fiber nonwoven fabrics, yarns, thermoplastic pellets, and 3D printing filaments. Materials utilizing Vartega’s low-cost recycled carbon fiber can be used to lightweight automobiles resulting in improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. For more information, visit