Foster Greer

Spending my summer working at Vartega was a wonderful learning experience for me. Prior to this internship, I had had very little exposure to the composites industry and almost no knowledge on the theory of composites or how they are manufactured. Investigating a way to manufacture non-woven fabrics from Vartega’s carbon fiber, which I quickly learned was a common product form of recycled carbon fiber, required that I learn a lot about many areas of the composites industry. Even deeper than this experience, however, was the opportunity I had to plan and execute a long-term research plan, with a wonderful team supporting me and giving me guidance when I needed it. Going back to classes after this summer, I feel that I have a more developed idea of what I want to work on in my future career and more skills to achieve it.
— Foster Greer - 2019 Vartega Intern

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